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Name: David Rastovich
Nickname: Rasta and Wombat
Hometown: Australia
Sponsors: Billabong, Sanuk, Sticky Bumps, Electric, Formula Energy Surfboards
Favorite Hang Out: Pacific Ocean
Favorite Food: Fresh and Organic
Pet: Gardens and Surfboards
Who or what inspires you? To be a good person, Hannah, good surfers, DVS, a good gardener, Bill Mollison.....
Who do you look up to? Everyone has aspects worth admiring.

Rasta: Past and Rasta: Present

Past: Rasta was born in New Zealand. He moved to Australia at the age of six. His father Dennis was a man of all trades and he taught him many handy skills. Rasta was a junior life saving 'Nipper' back in his early days. He then moved on to competing and then joining the WQS. He quickly realized that contest life was not for him. He is what we call a "Freesurfer" On the water , his free flowing and smooth movements are graceful and strong.

Present: Since he gets paid to surf and film all around the world at exotic locations he is off on adventures much of his time. Due to his concern for the environment he is always working on ways to make surfboards more eco-friendly. He maintains his organic vegetable garden and has daily yoga sessions and meditation. He is campaigning to stop the slaughter of whales and dolphins in Japan by enrolling the help of musicians, actors and surfers to support the cause. He is married to Hannah Fraser since 2005. Rasta has been recognized and honored for his projects including last years Surfer Poll and Video Awards he received an award for his work with Surfers for Cetaceans. This year he received the honor of Environmentalist of the year by SIMA at the Waterman's Ball.

Website: www.s4cglobal.org

Bethany Hamilton biography Photo© Noah Hamilton

Photo by Noah Hamilton


Name: Bethany Hamilton
Date of Birth: Feb 8, 1990
Local Break: Pinetrees
Nickname: B-ham
Current Sponsors: Rip Curl, Sambazon Acai, Sticky Bumps, Futures Fins, Channel Islands Surfboards, XTR Epoxy Pro
Surfing Since: My parents had me on a surfboard before I could walk, but I started getting into it on my own at around age 7.
Top 2 Results:
2005 NSSA National Championship - Explorer Women's division: 1st Place
2009 Billabong ASP World Junior Championship: 2nd Place
Goals: Continue improving & becoming the best surfer I can be! Get more into big-wave surfing. Honor God the best I can in all I do!
Favorite Local Surfer: Titus Kanehe, Kamalei Alexander
Favorite Male Surfer: Andy Irons, Dane Renolds
Favorite Female Surfer: Carrisa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Teahupoo
Surfboard Quiver: 5'6 Dumpster Diver, 5'9 Cheese Stick, 6'1 Semi Pro, 6'6 Step Up, 7'0 Step Up (All Channel Islands with XTR Epoxy Pro Foam), and a 6'1 Dick Brewer tow board.
Favorite maneuver: Barrel
Influences in the water: Russell Lewis
Travels: Indonesia, French Polynesia, Nicaragua, Europe, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, South America, etc…
Biggest Waves Surfed: Jaws, 20 ft.
Desired Surf Destination: Morrocco, Madagascar, Fiji, Desert Point, Nicaragua
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Soul Surfer, of course! haha
Other Interests: Tennis, Cooking, Training, my dogs
Likes: Dark Chocolate
Dislikes: Spiders

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: I really like the Sticky Bumps Soy Wax - it's 100% Natural and Organic :-)

Visit: http://bethanyhamilton.com/




Name: Alessa Quizon

Bio Coming Soon!



Name: Sebastian Williams 
Date of Birth: May 3, 2000 
Local Break: Puerto Escondido 
Nickname: Kooks
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Firewire, Billabong
Surfing Since: 2 Years Old
Inspirations: Andy Irons, Dave Rastovich
Goals: Win a World Title
Favorite Local Surfer: Oscar Moncada
Favorite Male Surfer: Jordy Smith & My Dad
Favorite Female Surfer: Carrisa Moore & My Mom
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Keramas, Mexico
Favorite Maneuver: Inverted Air Reverse
Influences in the Water: My father on his finless Longboard 
Biggest Waves Surfed: Double Overhead at Puerto Escondido 
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia 
Other Interests: Volleyball
Future Plans: Experience different cultures and surf spots around the world

Photo by Connect Manageme

Photo by Steve Sherman


Name: Leila Hurst
Age: 17
Local Break: Kauai HI

Leila Hurst born in 1993 on the island of Kauai was raised amongst the elite of the surfing world….Bruce and Andy Irons, and Keala Kennelly to name a few and in the shores of some of the toughest surf brakes in the world. Leila started surfing when she was 3 years old and by the time she was 6, she was hooked. She would run home everyday from school and jump into her dad's truck so that he could push her into waves in Hanalei Bay. Outside Magazine took note of her in their Big Summer Issue in 2005 showing a picture of then 11 year old Leila and her dad, Rick.

She started competing early and was sponsored by Billabong by the age of 9. Leila did very well and quickly became a part of the Hawaii World Junior team and in 2009 won the NSSA Nationals Explorer Women's. She is such a strong surfer in a male dominated sport that Vanity Fair spotlighted Leila along side of 11 of the top female surfers in their July 2009 issue.

Around this time she signed with Vans and is currently their only female surfer, winning their Vans Triple Crown of surfing "Rookie of the Year" in 2010. She is now 17 years old and holds 3 National titles.

"This last year I cut back on competing so that I could attend public school for my Senior year and go to prom and graduate with my friends, which was great. Now I'm recharged and refocused on my career. I will be moving to California and competing in the US Open and my last Nationals with NSSA and I am super excited. I'm looking forward to traveling and exploring new ways to share my love of the ocean and staying healthy."

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product: My favorite sticky bumps product is the "Comp Leash" It's thin and short and perfect for small fun waves!

Visit: www.LeilaHurst.com

Carlos Coco Nogales


Name: Carlos Coco Nogales
Date of Birth: April 25th, 1976
Local Break: Puerto Escondido
Nickname: COCO
Current Sponsors: Hurley, Redbull and Sticky Bumps
Surfing Since: I was 11
Top 2 Results:
1st place Puerto Escondido International Open in 2001 and last year made the quarter finals at the Quiksilver 4 star here at home.
Goals: Push my limits for 5 more years and help however I can with the Mexican surfing sport
Favorite Local Surfer: David Rutherford
Favorite Male Surfer: Kelly Slater
Favorite Female Surfer: My girlfriend Jimena Ochoa
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Playa Zicatela Mexican Pipeline Surfboard Quiver: from 5,11 to 10,0
Favorite maneuver: Barrel
Influences in the water: Talented people
Travels: Tahiti, Cali, Hawaii, South America and Europe.
Biggest Waves Surfed: Puerto Escondido, Todos Santos, Tahiti and Hawaii.
Desired Surf Destination: Fiji and Nias.
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Point Break and Black and White the Kelly Slater movie
Other Interests:Yoga, Soccer, and trying to make my own foundation to support kids
Likes: Loyalty
Dislikes: Lies

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: I have loved Sticky Bumps wax all my life, because it is the stickiest wax I have found on the planet. The leashes have been tested from my own experience here at home and have proved to work well on strong and heavy waves. All around I love Sticky Bumps products and more so because all the Sticky Bumps familia are the best in the world. They make you feel part of them and that is the most important thing not just a business but a familia thing.


Name: Dylan Goodale
Date of Birth: March 28th, 1991
Local Break: Pinetrees
Nickname: Gargoyle, Goodgie
Current Sponsors: Reef, Sticky Bumps, Filtrate Eyewear, Future Fins
Surfing Since: 11 yrs old
Top 2 Results:
1st at Vans Pier Classic 2* WQS, Equal 3rd at Quiksilver Classic Mazatlan 4* WQS
Goals: Live Life and Surf
Favorite Local Surfer: Dustin Barca
Favorite Male Surfer: Taj Burrow
Favorite Female Surfer: Alana
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Salina Cruz
Surfboard Quiver: Cole surfboards and mayhems
Favorite maneuver: Barrels
Influences in the water: When people are nailing crazy airs or big barrels
Travels: 5 continents
Biggest Waves Surfed: Home
Desired Surf Destination: Morocco
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Campaign 2
Other Interests: Girls

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote:
My favorite Sticky Bumps product is the Tour Series Warm Water Wax. You can use it in such a varied temperature of warm water and that's where I like to surf the most, so it fits.


Name: Guillermo Satt
Date of Birth: November 26th, 1992
Local Break: Gringo
Nickname: Ardilla (squirl) 
Current Sponsors: Quiksilver, Quiborax, StickyBumps, SPY Optics.
Surfing Since: 8 Years Old
Top 2 Results:
National Champeon Open and Junior 2010, 5th place WQS Quiksilver Pro El Salvador 2010.
Goals: this year I want to train for 2012.
Favorite Local Surfer: I don't have one.
Favorite Male Surfer: Julian Wilson
Favorite Female Surfer: Stephanie Gilmore
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Gringo, Arica-Chile.
Surfboard Quiver: my favorite Board is a 5, 10x18, 22x2, 22/round tail.
Favorite maneuver: Air 360 and new maneuvers like rodeo, airs.
Influences in the water: Kelly Slater
Travels: Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Panama , Brasil, USA, Mexico, Francia, Australia, España, Portugal, Indonesia, Salvador.
Biggest Waves Surfed: Puerto Escondido-Mexico, Buey-Chile.
Desired Surf Destination: Mentawaii!!
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Innersection
Other Interests: kite surfing, snowboarding, tennis
Likes: I like to eat! haha
Dislikes: Pay for the boards in the airlines

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product: surf wax tour series

Quote: "My favorite deck is the Dylan Goodale model, Leash 6,0 feet for comp, surf wax tour series, and Quad coffin/wheels!"


Name: Martin Passeri 
Date of Birth: June 9th, 1975
Nickname: Tincho, Pony, Pollo, Martz, someothers. 
Local Break:
Biologia, Playa Grande, Argentina. 
Top 2 Results: Latin American Tour Champion, 4 time Argentinian Champion 
Quiver: MB Byrne 5´9¨ x 18 ½ X 2 5/16 - 5 set Futuresfins.
Favorite Maneuver: Barrel and any kind of airs.
Favorite Surfer: Kelly Slater, Owen Wright, Gabriel Villaran
Influences in the Water: My Parents, my 2 Brothers and my familly (wife and 2 kids) 
Inspiration: God & MotherNature
Favorite Surf Movie: Blue Horizon, Let it go
Visit: www.martinpasseri.com

Photo by: Helene ChabeauPhoto by: Casey Rossi


Name: Ornella Pellizzari
Date of Birth: August 1, 1987
Nickname: Orne-Patito- Gati 
Local Break:
La Maquinita, Mar del Plata 
Sponsors: Marbella Surfboards, Sector 9, Sticky Bumps, Manuel Tienda leon, Orbital 
Surfing Since: I was 11
Favorite Food: My moms and everything Italian
Goals: To improve my surfing at guys level, charge at some bombs, and land high airs.
Favorite Maneuver: Airs and barrels.
Favorite Local Surfer: Andres Di Marco
Favorite Male Surfer: Craig Anderson 
Favorite Female Surfer: Silvana Lima, Carissa, Baumy.
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Macarronis, Fluf. 
Biggest Wave Surfed: Waimea
Inspirations: Family, friends, good humans and gifted people. 
Influences in the water: Sofia Mulanovich, my sister Agos, and my latin friends I grew up with. 
Other Interests: Skateboarding, painting, music...
Future Plans: Do the last 2 WQS events of this 2013 season; to improve my ranking, and surf/skate touring along some rad countries looking for uncrowded waves and hang with a good crew of friends.  
Favorite Surf Movie: Blue Crush 2
Webpage/Fanpage:Facebook: Ornella Pellizzari


Name: Steven Mclean
Date of Birth: January 6, 1994 
Local Break:
North Jetties, FL
Sponsors: Toes on the Nose, Xcel Wetsuits, Nixon, Rainbow Fins, Spy+ Sunglasses, Sticky Bumps
Surfing Since: I was 13
Favorite Food: Burritos
Goals: To become World Longboard Champion
Top 2 Results: NSSA National Champion Open, Explorer Longboard Champion 2012 & 2013
Favorite Maneuver: Layback, Barrels 
Inspiration: My dad, always there for me. 
Favorite Local Surfer: Justin Quintal
Favorite Female Surfer: Sally Fitzgibbons 
Favorite Male Surfer: Harley Ingleby, Taylor Jensen
Biggest Wave Surfed: 15-20 ft faces in Puerto Rico
Influences in the Water: Anyone who rips and has a good attitude.  
Favorite All-Time Surf Spot: Middles, Puerto Rico
Other Interests: Video Editing, Skateboarding, Fishing
Future Plans: Continue competing professionally on the World Longboard Tour and QS, Attend college
Favorite Surf Movie: Modern Collective
Webpage/Fanpage:www.Facebook.com/StevenMclean12 & Instagram: Steven_Mclean18
Visit: My Surf Link


Name: Percy Padaratz Jr.  
Date of Birth: August 11, 1976
Local Break: Joaquina and Brava Beach 
Nickname: Neco
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Dragon, Havenga Surfboards, Sealife, Surfers Paradise
Surfing Since: Since age 7. Started in competitions at age 9. 
Top 2 Results: 2 World Titles: 2003 and 2004 WQS World Champion; and the 2 WCT Event Victories: US Open (1999) and Quiksilver Pro France (2002). 
Goals: Continue surfing for the rest of my life. 
Favorite Local Surfer: My brother Teco Padaratz 
Favorite Male Surfer: Andy Irons, Tom Curren, and Kelly Slater.  
Favorite Female Surfer: Bethany Hamilton and Silvana Lima 
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Sunset Beach 
Surfboard Quiver: 5'11" swallow, 6'0" squash, 6'0" round pin, 6'2, 6'4, 6'7 round pin 
Favorite maneuver: Barrel 
Influences in the water: Andy Irons, Tom Curren, and Kelly Slater, Martin Potter
Travels: Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, Canaries, Azores, Africa, California, Indo, Europe 
Biggest Waves Surfed: Waimea 18 feet 
Desired Surf Destination: Lances Right, Nias, Puerto Escondido 
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Michael Peterson 
Other Interests: Cooking, Training, My family & friends 
Likes: Being Always Happy
Dislikes: Spiders 
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: I really like the Sticky Bumps green glo wax.


Name: Yuri Gonçalves
Date of Birth: April 15th, 1991 
Local Break: Silveira 
Nickname: Codorna
Current Sponsors: Mormaii, Sticky Bumps, Tokoro, Clinica YoungBody, MRF Producoes, FlorTerapias
Surfing Since: 9 years old 
Top 2 Results: 2012 Catarinense Pro Champion, 2012 3rd Place Catarinense Profissional 
Goals: Join WQS to win a place in WT and so begin a new goal that is to be world champion 
Favorite Local Surfer: Marco Giorgi 
Favorite Male Surfer: Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater
Favorite Female Surfer: Bethany Hamilton  
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Praia do Silveira com os amigos 
Surfboard Quiver: de 5'6 ate 6'8 Tokoro  
Favorite maneuver: Barrels and airs 
Travels: Indonesia and Hawaii 
Biggest Waves Surfed: Phantons, 18 ft 
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Endless Summer  
Other Interests: Hanging out with girlfriend and friends  
Likes: Family
Dislikes: crowds 
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: Sticky Bumps Soy wax. Recycle for a better world.



Name: Marco Giorgi 
Date of Birth: April 26th, 1988 
Local Break: Garopaba
Nickname: Marquito, Marquinho, Foca
Current Sponsors: Mormaii, Sticky Bumps, and Tokoro Surfboards 
Surfing Since: I was 8 years old 
Top 2 Results: 3rd place at WQS 6 stars, 7th place ISA 2011 
Favorite Male Surfer: Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Bruce Irons, Raoni Monteiro 
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Cloundbreak 
Surfboard Quiver: 5'11"x19x2 5/16x1, 5'9'' 19 1/4x 2 5/16, 6'3, 5'10, 5'7, 6'1 quad
Favorite maneuver: Barrel
Influences in the water: My brother Claus
Travels: Indonesia, French Polynesia, Europe, Australia, Chile, Peru, Maldives, Morocco, Mexico, etc... 
Biggest Waves Surfed: Waimea 20+ ft 
Desired Surf Destination: P-pass, Macaronis 
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: On the Road 
Other Interests: Skate, fishing 
Likes: Dulce de leche
Dislikes: Snakes
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: That new sticky iki Wax (Punt), so good!


Name: Fellipe Ximenes 
Date of Birth: December 17, 1982 
Local Break: Garopaba 
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Fluel, Dragon, Tokoro Surfboards, H20 Sushi Bar
Surfing Since: I was 3 
Inspirations: Surf 
Goals: To travel and compete 
Favorite Local Surfer: Neco Padaratz 
Favorite Male Surfer: Andy Irons 
Favorite Female Surfer: Silvana Lima  
Influences in the water: My father
Biggest Waves Surfed: Silveira 15 ft
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Focus 
Future Plans: Surf as many perfect waves around the world as I can



Name: Raleigh Hager 
Date of Birth: November 26, 2001 
Local Break: Lower Lake Austin 
Nickname: Rals
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Mastercraft, Nixon, FlyHigh Fat Sacs, GoSpacecraft.com, ASC Boards
Wake Surfing Since: I was 8 years old (2010)
Favorite Food: Sushi, Wahoo's Fish Tacos 
Goals: To keep winning World Championships like Kelly Slater. 
Favorite Maneuver: Ollie 180 into Rev 360 
Inspirations: Having fun and seeing what other Pro riders can do. 
Favorite Local Wake Surfer: Billy Clark 
Favorite Female Wake Surfer: Rebecca Ort
Favorite Male Wake Surfer: Chase Hazen
Most Memorable Ride: World Championships Final Run 2012. 
Favorite All Time Wake Spot: Lake Austin
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Chasing Mavericks  
Other Interests: Skateboarding, Ocean Surfing, Horseback Riding 
Future Plans: Move to California so I can Ocean surf and wake surf. Win Worlds again. Coaching. College.


Visit: www.ralsurfs.com



Name: Lucas Angulo
Date of Birth: April 12th, 1997
Local Break: Pinetrees
Nickname: Too many to list
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Xcel Wetsuits, Kaenon Sunglasses, Ocean Minded, and Freestyle
Surfing Since: I was 2 (with floaties)
Top 2 Results: 1st at NSSA at PK's and 2nd at States
Goals: To do what Rasta does
Favorite Local Surfer: Jonah Currence
Favorite Male Surfer: Andy Irons
Favorite Female Surfer: Carissa Moore
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Cloundbreak or Resturants and many secret spots on Kauai
Surfboard Quiver: 5'1" and 5'3" I don't need that many boards
Favorite maneuver: Barrels
Influences in the water: All the locals that surf really well and don't take any crap from anybody
Travels: Costa Rica, Fiji - Tavarua
Biggest Waves Surfed: 6-8 with some 10 footers (Hawaiian)
Desired Surf Destination: Mentawais or Tavarua (again)
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Any with Andy, Bruce, Dane, or Julian
Other Interests: Skating, Pool, Ping Pong, and Xbox
Likes: Surfing, Family, Friends, Where I Live, and Barrels
Dislikes: Haters
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: The surfing accessories that Sticky Bumps makes are truly top-notch. Go try them.

Name: Asaya Aymara Brusa
Date of Birth: June 24th, 1996
Place of Birth and Residence: Puerto Escondido Mexico

I've been surfing for 4 years, I started surfing with my Dad who has surfed his entire life and now for the past two I surf for Roxy.

I surf every day in Zicatela or La Punta here in Puerto with my friends and pros like Angelo Lozano, David Rutherford and all my grom friends.

My favorite beach to surf is La Punta and Barra de la Cruz.

I also do training to get stronger and better balance for my surfing with a personal Trainer 3 days at week.

This year I represented Mexico on the ISA World surfing Games in Peru , surfed in Mexican Nationals and some Junior Events around California.

Top 2 Results:
1st place Coco Surf Challenge Puerto Escondido 2011
1st place Coco Challenge Puerto Escondido 2010
2nd place women Nationals Mazatlan 2010
1st place PXM Zicatela Pro 2009

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: My favorite Sticky Bumps Product is the traction. I love the designs and the colors of them and I use it to find better position of my feet on the board.


Visit: http://web.me.com/asayabrusa/Asaya-Brusa/Bienvenida.html

Facebook Athlete Page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asaya-Aymara-Brusa/135600776505041


Name: Bailey Nagy
Date of Birth: February 4th, 1996
Local Break: rocky point, North Shore of Oahu
Nickname: bailz
Current Sponsors: Rip Curl, Sticky Bumps, FCS, and Flojos
Surfing Since: about 8 years old
Top 2 Results:
Hawaii State Champion 2010 and 2nd in NSSA nationals 2010 (14&under)
Goals: To win in the ISA worlds in peru for 2011 and to win Open Women at nationals.
Favorite Local Surfer: Coco Ho & Pancho Sullivan
Favorite Male Surfer: Mick Fanning
Favorite Female Surfer: Carissa Moore
Favorite All-time Surf Spot: Uluwatu, Indonesia
Surfboard Quiver: anything from like a 5'9" to a 6'1"
Favorite maneuver: back side hack
Influences in the water: Andy Irons & Sion Milosky
Travels: Ireland, Isreal, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, California, Florida, New York, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, All over Hawaii.
Biggest Waves Surfed:
around 15ft when i was towing with Myles Padaca
Desired Surf Destination: Tahiti
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Scratching the Surface
Other Interests: hanging out with friends, traveling, and cooking.
Likes: spaghetti, good waves, Iphone, wakeboarding, and snowboarding
Dislikes: spiders, shrimp, and snakes


Name: Christian Wach
Date of Birth: December 20th, 1989
Local Break: Lower Trestles
Nickname: Seawalk
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Gotcha, Vonzipper, Canvas Surfboards, Nakisurf, Reunion Wetsuits
Surfing Since: 6 years old. Grommet!
Top 2 Results:
1st Noosa 2009, 1st Noosa 2010
Goals: Start another successful business, Keep surfing!
Favorite Local Surfer: Aaron Cormican
Favorite Male Surfer: Kelly Slater
Favorite Female Surfer: Belinda Baggs
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Scorpion Bay
Surfboard Quiver: Longboards, shortboards, fishes, & boogie boards
Favorite maneuver: Any type of air that I land haha
Influences in the water: Always friends! It's always more fun surfing with a buddy or two.
Travels: Norway, Belgium, Russia, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, Morrocco, France, Spain, Italy, Sardinia & Australia
Biggest Waves Surfed: I'm not really into massive waves haha
Desired Surf Destination: Mentawaiis
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Shelter or Seedling 
Other Interests: Graphic design, creative direction, movie making, painting, & partying!
Likes: Perfect waves uncrowded surf.
Dislikes: Crowded mediocre waves.

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: I really like Sticky Bumps Basecoat. It's always been my favorite product they make because you can use it in warm or cold water and it doesn't smear. It's just the perfect consistency and goes on like butter.




Name: Rebecca Ort
Date of Birth: March 9, 1977
Local Spot: Lake Zürich
Nickname: Becci
Current Sponsors: Airbaze Wakesurfers, Centurion Boats, Sticky Bumps, Kibag Marina, Core Kites 
Wakesurfing Since: 2007
Favorite Food: Fish from the barbeque
Goals: Working on wakesurf videos, new tricks, and more podium places around the world. 
Favorite Local Wakesurfer: Airbaze team rider, Michelle Berner
Favorite Male Wakesurfer: Keenan Flegel
Favorite Female Wakesurfer: Raleigh Hager, she's so young and has so much potential.
Inspirations: Having fun on the boat with our friends and being able to surf in Switzerland where there's no ocean, we can simply wakeurf behind our boat and have a lot of fun. 
Favorite maneuver: Reverse, Airs
Influences in the water: My best captain and husband Holger that drives the boat for me for hours. 
Biggest Waves Surfed: The biggest wave in wakesurfing is behind my Centurion Enzo.
Favorite All-Time Surf Spot: Wakesurf, Lake Zürich, surfing, Barbados. 
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Shelter
Other Interests: Surfing, Kiteboarding, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Walking our dog.  
Future Plans: Keep developing the best wakesurf boards for Airbaze




Webpage: http://www.airbaze-wakesurf.com/team-riders/rebecca-ort/


Name: Christian Yeager
Date of Birth: June 13th, 1986
Local Break: Malibu
Nickname: Malibu Cowboy, yeagertron, yeagz
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Canvas Surfboards, Arbor Skateboards, Aloha Sunday supply shop
Surfing Since: 1989 (age 3)
Top 2 Results:
I won my moms heart 25 consecutive years now
Goals: Travel the world scoring waves and helping people who can't help them selves
Favorite Local Surfer: Dillon Perillo
Favorite Male Surfer: Dane reynolds
Female Surfer: Kassia Meador
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Keramas, Bali
Surfboard Quiver: 5'5 Dan Cobley Quad, 5'7 Channel Islands Dumpster Diver, 5'8 Canvas Nugget hunter, 5'11 Bushman "goonwizard" custom model with a pulled in swallow tail, 6'3 Dan Cobley step up, 6'8 dan cobley tube hunter, a 9'0 rusty rhino chaser (hawaii only), and a 10'2 canvas single fin log
Favorite maneuver: standing tall inside a wave hole
Influences in the water: the local dolphins who rip harder than anyone, anyone with wisdom to pass down to me.
Travels: The entire pacific coast of mainland mexico, panama (caribbean and pacific), 15 or so British Virgin Islands, NY,NY, From Sydney New South Whales to Brisbane gold coast, and everywhere in between Australia, The ENTIRE island of Bali, Every nook and cranny of Oahu, Hawaii, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Rio De Janeiro, sao paulo, Brazil, Puerto Rico, St. thomas USVI, and a cluster of american states.
Biggest Waves Surfed: 15-20 hawaiian scale (30-40ft faces) waimea bay
Desired Surf Destination: cloudbreak fiji, lances rights, the rest of the mentawai island chain.
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Earth to meekus (underground malloy project)
Other Interests: Film Making, photography, painting, playing music, snowboarding, spicy dancing, too much more to fit.
Likes: As corny as it sounds, nothing makes me happier than seeing people treat each other the way they want to be treated...Its a rare sight.

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: On a steamy balinese afternoon I had to lug all of my belongings through the entire town of kuta to get to my airport drop van, It wasn't easy since I was on the road for 3 months without coming home. I had 4 boards, a backpack, and a massive suitcase all packed to max capacity weighing about 200 pounds all together. If it wasn't for the sticky bumps roller board bag I would have had to make 2 trips, missed my flight out of bali and then I would have overstayed my visa putting me in trouble with the government..LIFE SAVING PRODUCTS!


Name: Erik Baldwin
Date of Birth: March 22nd, 1979
Local Break: northcounty; g-view or wherever the crowds aren't…
Nickname: Not that im aware of… Depends on who you ask. Surfing Since: maybe 6 or 7, not serious till 14 or so.
Top 2 Results:
not really into competing, but ive won enough to be confident and content.
Current Sponsors: Nirvana surfboards, Sticky bumps, west, cobian, aerial7 audio, surfsnacks.
Goals: plenty of goals in life, but I keep my surfing open and free. I guess to keep progressing in all aspects of my surfing. Power, fluidity, style, staying innovative and always pushing without any real goal other than what is in the moment. Following the inspiration that finds me.
Favorite Local Surfer: tie between Knox and Gerlach.
Favorite Male Surfer: KE11Y
Favorite Female Surfer: kealla k. …or maybe Gilmore. They both scare me.
Favorite All-time Surf spot: 4-6ft.-Cannons, kawaii.
Surfboard Quiver: Everything and all! 5'2":- up to 10'0" SUP. I ride everything I can get my hands on! I believe it makes a more well rounded surfer...and it never gets boring.
Favorite maneuver: full rotation frontside rail grab reverse. Id say above the lip varial, but I have yet to stick one well enough to claim it.
Influences in the water: anyone who brings a big helping of love and aloha onto the lineup.
Travels: Hawaii, mex, norcal.
Biggest Waves Surfed: Todo's 2010- a handful of 35'+ faces.
Desired Surf Destination: France, south Africa, sri lanka, chili, mentawais, anywhere uncharted.
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: endless summer 1&2. Just because of the time in my life that first saw them.
Other Interests: Art, science, shaping, skydiving, animal rescue volunteering, living life.
Likes: Anyone or anything with a positive message.
Dislikes: opposite of above.

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: All the products from SB are high quality and work great but im really stuck on the tour series cool/cold wax. I have yet to find a better wax and that works as well.


Name: Victor Rosario
Date of Birth: March 17th 1986
Local Break: Encuentro Beach
Nickname: Microman
Current Sponsors: Body Glove, Sticky Bumps, Nixon, Voltz energy shots, Nordic Surfers, Vec Surfboards
Surfing Since: 2000
Top 2 Results:
2 times runner up in the Dominican Ranking
Goals: Live my life doing what I love most and share every moment of it with my beautiful family.
Favorite Local Surfer: Zion Balbuena
Favorite Male Surfer: Jordy Smith
Favorite Female Surfer: Silvana Lima
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Lhoss-fushi lefts in the South Male attol in Maldives
Surfboard Quiver: right now: 5'3'' semi round nose quad for weak surf, 5'5'' rounded squash tail for overall surf, 5'5'' round tail for comps and a 5'10'' round tail for a bit bigger waves
Favorite maneuver: Airs, Barrels
Influences in the water: Nature and it's way to make everything look so simple.
Travels: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, USA, Hawaii, Dubai, Sri-Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Biggest Waves Surfed: not even close to what is considered big this days...
Desired Surf Destination: call me crazy, but right now it's Loffoten island in the north of norway!
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Campaign 1
Other Interests: My kid and wife and my new soon to be born boy, music, art, making new friends.
Likes: Good
Dislikes: Evil

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: My favorite Sticky Bumps items I would say are the Cube traction and the warm-tropical wax, they just can't get better than that. The Cube is a simple, very effective traction and it has a nice design, the wax, well, it's the best wax in the world!

Visit: http://www.isaacwood.com/

Photo by Al Ashworth

Photo by Ron Greene


Name: Jesse Timm
Date of birth: June 5th
Local Break: La Jolla
Nickname: trimm, twinkle toes or hollywood
Current Sponsors: Stickybumps, Toes on the Nose, Monster Paint and Snuggbuds
Surfing Since: 80's
Top 2 Results:
1st place, followed up by a 2nd place at the Hansens/Rob Machado Surf Classic
Goals: I've been in 2 surf films shown on the big screen. Toes on the Nose named a clothing item after me, the "Timm rider" t-shirt. I have been a featured surfer in Slide magazine. I've been featured in two major newspapers in ca - san diego union tribune did an article on me in their sports section and todays local news had me on the front page. So my focus now is to finally get "the shot" that will one day make the cover of a surf magazine.
Favorite Local Surfer: Me :-)
Favorite Male Surfer: Shortboarding - Kelly Slater and Occy Longboarding- LJ Richards and Phil Ddwards.
Favorite Female Surfer: Linda Benson
Favorite All-Time Surf Spot: Rincon, Pavones and Playa Negra
Surfboard Quiver: Two 10' Jesse Timm "Blue Obsession" models. One 10' Lance Carson. One 8' Jesse Timm "Baby Blue" model.
Favorite Maneuver: powerful drop knee turns
Influences in the Water: my friends, mother ocean and all her inhabitants.
Travels: Costa Rica, Scorpion Bay, Fiji, Australia, East Coast, Lake Michigan
Biggest Waves Surfed: maybe 18' (that's plenty big enough for me)
Desired Surf Destination: anywhere that's tropical and uncrowded.
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Endless Summer
Other interests: surfboard shaping and glassing, yoga, light weight training, slalom skateboarding, spelunking and my x-box 360.
Likes: uncrowded waves, tropics, burrito's and good times with my friends.
Dislikes: not listening to my intuition; only to find out later I should have. Not slowing down enough to enjoy the view. Short surf sessions.

Favorite sticky bumps product quote: My favorite is the Day Glo Wax. My boards get a different appearance everytime they get a new wax job...be creative and put some color in your session!

Visit: www.jessetimm.com

Photo by Tasick


Name: Ke'ale Chung
Date of Birth: November 19th, 1988
Local Break: Hanalei
Nickname: Miagz
Current Sponsors: Quiksilver, Sticky Bumps, JonesTrading
Surfing Since: 5 yrs old
Top 2 Results: Freesurfer
Goals: Get barreled surfing the best waves in the world!
Favorite Local Surfer: Andy Irons
Favorite Male Surfer: Andy Irons
Favorite Female Surfer: My Mom
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Desert Point
Surfboard Quiver: 5'4" to 10'0"
Favorite maneuver: Barrel
Influences in the water: All my friends Alana, Teva, Steph, Evan, Kanoa
Travels: Tahiti, Indo, Mexico, New Caledonia, New Zealand, France, Portugal
Biggest Waves Surfed: As big as the coconut tree
Desired Surf Destination: Tahiti
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Momentum Under the Influence
Other Interests: Fishing, Golfing
Likes: Surfing, Fishing, Eating
Dislikes: Wasabi
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote:Sticky bumps tour series wax is the best out there! Smells good and works great!!!

Photo by Joti Mongat

Photo by Marco Rista


Name: Kody Kerbox
Date of Birth: May 6th, 1994
Local Break: Sugar Cove
Nickname: Kode
Current Sponsors: Naish, Sticky Bumps
Surfing Since: 12 years old
Top 2 Results:
1st Place France Trials SUWT 2011
Goals: Win a SUWT Event
Favorite Local Surfer: Albee Layer
Favorite Male Surfer: Bruce Irons
Favorite Female Surfer: Carrissa Moore
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Sandy's
Surfboard Quiver: 4'10, 6'1, 6'6, SUP: 7'3, 8'0, 9'8
Favorite maneuver: Alley-oop
Influences in the water: My friends, they rip!
Travels: France, Tahiti, California, Australia
Biggest Waves Surfed: I don't know how big but one of my waves at Jaws
Desired Surf Destination: Indo
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Dudecruise
Other Interests: Windsurfing
Likes: Getting pounded in the shore break
Dislikes: Being out of the water
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote:
My favorite product by Sticky Bumps is their leash! It is the best leash I have ever used by far, I have never broken one in the big stuff, and the day glo ones look really cool!

Name: Jimena Ochoa
Bio Coming Soon




Name: Kylie Loveland
DOB: October 6, 1997
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Favorite Surf Spot: Lahaina Harbor 
Local Break: Oceanside 
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Roxy, Rusty Surfboards, Bull Taco, Tonic, SurfRide
Surfing Since: 4 Years Old
Where did you start Surfing: Warm Water Jetties, Carlsbad
Goals: Make surfing a career, eventually be on the World Tour.
Inspirations: My Dad, Mom, and Sister
Desired Surf Destinations: Indo, Bali, France, Australia, Tavarua
Likes: Being at the beach, sleeping, hanging out with friends, Instagram- oh and surfing!
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product: Day Glo Leashes
Favorite Maneuver: Tail Slides
Website: www.kylieloveland.com

Name: Dorian Blanchard
Bio Coming Soon

Christopher Donez

Name: Rochelle Ballard
Bio Coming Soon

Name: William Sue-A-Quan
Bio Coming Soon

Name: Megan Abubo
Bio Coming Soon

Name: Danny Melhado
Bio Coming Soon



Name: Rex Calderon 
Date of Birth: October 13, 1992
Local Break: Playa Maderas
Nickname: Coco
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Careli Tours Nicaragua, Carton Surfboards.
Surfing Since: I was 6 years old
Top 2 Results:
6-time Nicaraguan National Champion, 2-time Central American Champion
Favorite Local Surfer: Oscar Espinoza
Favorite Surfers: Dane Reynolds and Chippa Wilson 
Favorite maneuver: Kerrupt Flip
Influences in the water: My uncle, Roque Calderon
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Momentum 3
Other Interests: Skateboarding and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product: Sticky Bumps wax is the best wax in the world!! The Original line is hard to beat and works great for all conditions!



Name: Darian Boyle
Date of Birth: November 22nd
Local Break: Sea Girt, NJ
Nickname: Digger
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Ohana Paddle Boards, Clif Bar, Quick Blade Paddles, A Shore Thing-Clothing, H2O Audio, Typhoon Boat Works
Surfing Since: Surfing since I was a little girl and was the only female in the water.
Top 2 Results:
2011 First place - Florida State Championships 14' Stand up division, 2009 Battle of the Paddle 5th place
Goals: To explore more surf destinations around the globe.
Favorite Local Surfer: Shayne Boyle my brother
Favorite Male Surfer: Joel Parkinson
Favorite Female Surfer: Maya Gabeira
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Ship Wrecks, Indonesia
Surfboard Quiver: 14' Ohana Elite Racer-SUP, 9'0" Squash Tail SUP, 6'1" Dumpster Diver, 6'2" After Burner, 6'4" Byrne Double Bump Swallow, 6'6" Rat Speed Monkey, 6'8" Byrne rounded pin tail, 7'6" Mike Woo Pin Tail
Favorite maneuver: Floater
Influences in the water: My 3 brothers Patrick, Shayne, Bruce
Travels: Iceland, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Hawaii, Bahamas, Ireland, Iceland, Alaska, Munich-Germany, Australia and more!
Biggest Waves Surfed: Bali 5'
Desired Surf Destination: Tuamotus
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Big Wednesday
Other Interests: Traveling, skiing, fishing, sailing, classic cars, fashion and chilling with my dog Bubba.
Likes: Paddling with the dolphins and fish, action sports. Dislikes: Guys dropping in on me.

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: My paddle is an extension of my arms. The Sticky Bumps Paddle Grip Wax ROCKS!!! It prevents paddle twist, giving me the ability to grip and dig in harder with my stroke, without spinning my Paddle.


Name: Matthieu Thibaud
Date of Birth: February 7th, 1983
Local Break: Laguna Beach, CA
Nickname: Muchu
Skimboarding Since: Skimboarding since around 1992
Top 2 Results:
2nd European Championships 2004, 2006. Professional United Skim Tour 15th final ranking in 2009.
Current Sponsors: Victoria Skimboards, Extreme Outdoor Supply (EOS), Freak Traction, Sticky Bumps, DC Shoes, Nixon Watches, Snuggbuds Headsets.
Goals: Traveling, riding, meeting people, discovering new places, having fun, enjoying every minute, making my family, friends and sponsors proud and happy
Favorite Local Surfer: Romuald Janau awesome local surfer, skimboarder, snowboarder and skateboarder from the same area where I am from.
Favorite Male Skimboarder: "Skimboarder" teammate Brandon Rothe for his style and attitude, "Surfer" probably Rob Machado I guess even if I haven't met him
Favorite Female Skimboarder: "Skimboarder" Jasmine Joy, for her great vibe, her great skim skills, and for riding and promoting my pro model and the association Heart of Sailing that I support through that board.
Favorite All-time Skim spot: It's tough, but I think I've had the best sessions in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Skimboard Quiver: My pro Model Skimboard size Medium for big days, and a poly carbon vinylester M that I shaped for extra float on smaller days
Favorite maneuver: 360 pop shuv-it
Influences in the water: Watching and skimming with people like Bill Bryan, Morgan Just, Paulo Prietto or Brandon Rothe definitely motivates me and influence my riding.
Travels: All over France of course and been multiple times to Spain, Portugal, Mexico, US East Coast, Northern and southern California where I have been staying the past 3 years.
Biggest Waves Skimmed: The Wedge (Newport Beach, CA), Cabo San Lucas (Baja California, Mexico) 8ft shore break Desired Skim Destination: I would love to go to Chile, Japan, Brazil and many more...
Favorite All-Time Skim Movie:The Bomb (the one I watched the most with my brother back home)
Other Interests: Photography, Music
Likes: friends, family, good food and wine
Dislikes: Not much

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: Sticky bumps is just the best wax I've tried

Quote: "Carpe Diem"

Website: www.matthieuthibaud.com


Name: Cesar Petroni
Date of Birth: January 2nd, 1993
Local Break: Zicatela
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps
Surfing Since: since im 5 years old
Top 2 Results:
1st place Coco Surf Challenge 2011 & Pass 2 heats in the Quiksilver Pro 2010
Goals: Travel more & get in the final in the quiksilver pro 2012
Favorite Local Surfer: Oscar Moncada
Favorite Male Surfer: Jamie O brien
Favorite Female Surfer: Asaya Brusa
Favorite All-time Surf spot: Zicatela
Surfboard Quiver: 5.8 , 5.10 ,5.11 ,6.0,6.3 & 6.6
Favorite maneuver: Air
Influences in the water: My friends
Travels: Argentina ,California.
Biggest Waves Surfed: Zicatela 10 foot
Desired Surf Destination: Indonesia
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Trilogy
Other Interests: Body board & skate
Likes: Swiming, being with my friends, and yoga.
Dislikes: People who snake me
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: My 2 favorite Sticky Bumps products are traction & the wax.


Name: Josh Holland
Date of Birth: February 4th
Local Break: The Jetty, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Nickname: Josh
Current Sponsors: StickyBumps, Walden Surfboards, Hawaiian Island Creations, Headhunters, and Kialoa Paddles
Surfing Since: Since I was 8
Top 2 Results:
2nd place in Hands Across the Boarder Joint Comp with Virginia and North Carolina; Top finisher under 18 years old in an Open SUP Competition.
Goals: Ride a barrel hanging 5 or 10 on my longboard. On my SUP, riding a barrel and slicing the wall with my Kialoa paddle.
Favorite Local Surfer: My mentor, Ricky Judalena.
Favorite Male Surfer: It's a tie between Joel Tudor and Tony Silvagni. Also mad props to Steve Walden, Wingnut and Alex Knost!
Favorite Female Surfer: Gotta love Alana Blanchard, but sorry Alana, I gotta go with my little 6 year old sister who is also named Alana! She's Roxy's next rider on her mom's flowered 8'0" Walden Wahine Board. She's so cute.
Favorite All-time Surf spot: The southern shores of Oahu
Surfboard Quiver: I have a collection of Walden Magic's in a variety of sizes and a new custom 9'0" high performance Stratoflex. I still love my 5'4" Al Merrick Dumpster Diver and my custom 7'6" SUP from Walden.
Favorite maneuver: On a longboard, I'm lovin' a reverse drop knee into a 5 to 10 to 5 off the nose... When riding my SUP, I love taking my board vertical off the lip, and hope to catch some air soon!
Influences in the water: My dad and his Canon 7D are always on my mind! But I couldn't do it without the support of my family and their countless hours in all kinds of weather, watching me ride and getting me the gear I need. Mahalo!
Travels: Hawaii, Cali, OBX, Colorado and beyond.
Biggest Waves Surfed: Hurricane Irene. Seriously, it was overhead to double overhead. Gotta love east coast swells during fall!
Desired Surf Destination: I want to hit South Africa and Tahiti.
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: Endless Summer 2 and Picaresque.
Other Interests: I love capturing life by taking pictures! Photography is a way I can really express my creativity. Music is another way... I love playing guitar and ukulele.
Likes: God, my family, good friends, my iPhone, my Hawaiian ohana, my GoPro, and the smell of StickBumps wax.
Dislikes: surfers who forgot the soul of surfing and are rude in the water and crowded breaks filled with tourist

Favorite Sticky Bumps Product Quote: I love Sticky Bumps warm wax, particularly the Tour Season. It gives excellent stick where I need it most. The SUP stand up series wax is genius! And the paddle wax is perfect for all conditions. Sticky Bumps SUP leashes are innovative and designed very well!



Name: Dagan Stagg
Date of Birth: January 30, 2001
Nickname: Dag, Daggers
Local Break: Ponto
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, Globe, Neff, Hoven, GoPro, Surfride, Xanadu, & WEST Wetsuits
Surfing Since: In the womb
Favorite Food: Anything edible I can get my hands on. 
Goals: Graduate with honors, college degree, surf for a well paying living, marry a hot & smart little lady that can't imagine anything better to do with her time then kick it at the beach and video me surfing ;)
Favorite Local Surfer: My pops
Inspirations: Parents, Bill Gates, and several incredible surfers...Dane Reynolds, Kelly, Julian and on and on
Favorite Maneuver: choke hold


Name: Brian Haag
Date of Birth: April 4th, 1991
Local Break: San O, Salt Creek, Cardiff Reef
Nickname: Paddlefroth, Willy B, and Juice Box
Current Sponsors: Sticky Bumps, 404, Simple Mobile, Jen Optics, Hydro-Turf, Riviera Paddlesurf, Quick Blade Paddles, Futures Fins, and Laguna Tribe Apparel.
Surfing Since: 1995
Top 2 Results:
1st place 14ft at Around the Rock in Seattle 1st place Marina Del Ray Championships
Goals: Travel the world to surf new spots.
Favorite Local Surfer: Rob Machado
Favorite Male Surfer: Kelly Slater
Favorite Female Surfer: Alana Blanchard
Favorite All-time Surf spot: River Jetties
Surfboard Quiver: 7'10"/ 8'11"/9'6" 404 SUP's
Favorite maneuver: Helicopter or Carving 360
Influences in the water: Chuck Patterson and Collin McPhillips
Travels: Indonesia, Australia, Hawaii, and Mexico
Biggest Waves Surfed: 15ft
Desired Surf Destination: Indo or Mex
Favorite All-Time Surf Movie: The Drifter or Step into Liquid
Other Interests: Snow, Moto, and anything outside.
Likes: Surfing secret spots with no one out.
Dislikes: Surfing with kids half my age cause they make me feel old but I have to realize they are the future of the sport.
Favorite Sticky Bumps Product: I use the paddle wax to keep a good grip on my paddle especially when I am surfing or racing. Also Love the board bags for when I am traveling around the world cause they keep my board's ding free. Lets not forget the tour series wax for nose riding down the line or stepping back on the tail to buoy turn in a race.

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